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Men's Performance Multivitamin

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Bring joy to your life by natural product

All Natural Ingredients

Completely drug-free way to enhance libido, timing and hardness

A natural solution that can help men achieve erections.

For Physical Fitness & Enhanced

Enhances sperm count & motility


Packing Size: 60 Capsules


Men’s Performance Multivitamin is specifically formulated with key ingredients to help men perform at their peak, both mentally and physically. It supports daily cellular energy production and has ingredients traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Moringa oleifera Seed
  2. Moringa oleifera Leaves
  3. Moringa oleifera Drumstick
  4. Panax Gensing


Moringa Powder is a nutritionally complex green superfood that simultaneously nourishes and detoxifies the body. Unlike many conventional supplements and multi-vitamins, moringa leaf powder is a whole food — meaning its abundant nutrients are easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Mix into your morning smoothie, and feel the energizing, immune boosting, anti-stress and detoxifying effects of this concentrated superfood for yourself!


  • Supports general health and wellbeing
  • Helps support energy production
  • Helps support a nutritionally balanced diet
  • Helps support immune & cognitive function
  • Helps enhance exercise performance
  • Contains nutrients necessary for normal response to stress
  • Contains Tribulus, used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicines
  • Helps to nutritional support the production of healthy sperm & male reproductive health
  • May assist in erectile dysfunction
  • Contains Ginkgo, traditionally used in Chinese medicine to assist circulation to the extremities
  • Helps protect against exercise-induced free radical damage


Men’s Performance Multi contains nutrients to help men perform at their peak, with additional ingredients specially selected to support performance, including:

Gensing: traditionally used in Chinese & Ayurvedic medicines to support male sexual performance

Zinc: supports exercise performance, immune function and male reproductive health.

Moringa Seed: Traditionally used in Eastern herbal medicine to support a healthy sexual life.


Supplement Facts
Principle Nutrient value-Pods Nutrient value-Leaves
Energy 37 Kcal (2%) 64 Kcal (3%)
Carbohydrates 8.53 g (6.5%) 8.28% (6%)
Protein 2.10 g (4%) 9.40 g (17%)
Total Fat 0.20 g (1%) 1.40% (7%)
Cholesterol 0 mg (0%) 0 mg (0%)
Dietary Fiber 3.2 g (8%) 2.0 g (5%)
Folates 44 µg (11%) 40 µg (10%)
Niacin 0.680 mg (4%) 2.220 mg (14%)
Pyridoxine 0.120 mg (9%) 1.200 mg (92%)
Riboflavin 0.074 mg (6%) 0.660 mg (51%)
Thiamin 0.053 mg (4.5%) 0.257 mg (21.5%)
Vitamin A 74 IU (2.5%) 7564 IU (252%)
Vitamin C 141 mg (235%) 51.7 mg (86%)
Sodium 42 mg (3%) 9 mg (0.5%)
Potassium 461 mg (10%) 337 mg (7%)
Calcium 30 mg (3%) 185 mg (18.5%)
Iron 0.36 mg (4.5%) 4.00 mg (50%)
Magnesium 45 mg (11%) 147 mg (37%)
Phosphorus 50 mg (9%) 112 mg (20%)
Selenium 8.2 µg (15%) 0.9 µg (1.5%)
Zinc 0.45 mg (4%) 0.60 mg (5%)


Suggested Usage

  • Adults – Take 2 Capsules a day with Milk, or as professionally prescribed.
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years.


Moringa Powder is a Super Food loaded with tons of Nutrients & Antioxidants. It contains all 9 essential amino acids and supports the immune system.
It has many benefits But is Best for

– Weight Loss
– Diabetes
– Bones/Joints Health (arthritis)
– Blood Pressure
– Mental Health, Stress and Fatigue Relief
– Immunity Booster
– For Radiant Glowing Skin
– Detoxification of Body

It contains
7x The Vitamin C in oranges
4x The Beta Carotene in Carrots
3x The Iron in Spinach
4x The Calcium in Milk
2x The Protein in Milk
3x The Potassium in Bananas
3x More the Fiber in Oats

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Men's Performance Multivitamin

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